What gives us water filtration

Water filter - a device useful in the kitchen
Water filter – a device useful in the kitchen
November 3, 2018
Water filtration - types of water filters
Water filtration – types of water filters
November 21, 2018
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What gives us water filtration

What are the advantages of filtering water in everyday use in addition to eliminating the sediment from the cups? There are many advantages, and the manufacturer described them in detail on his website. He reminds that “Clean water is the basis of a tasty and healthy cuisine”, ensuring that: “Each soup, sauce or goulash will be a real feast for our palate, if they are prepared on the basis of water without pollution, stone and chlorine”. Pasta cooked in filtered water will be flexible and fully appreciated, while soups tastier and free from impurities and cloudy color. Also sauces prepared on the basis of filtered water will be a great addition to all dishes. We will also be able to “enjoy the perfect taste of tea and coffee” and “feel the real taste of clean and healthy tap water”. The filtered water is also suitable for preparing ice cubes and watering domestic plants. It can also be given to children, providing them with a daily dose of healthy and clean water. Dafi filtration systems have: PZH certificate, positive opinion of the Mother and Child Institute and the German LGA certificate.

Each Dafi pitcher is functional and made with attention to every detail. Properly designed handle shape makes a pitcher easy to carry and keep it stable in your hand. The shape and color of the handles perfectly match the rest of the product, creating an aesthetically-looking whole. Pitchers can be washed in the dishwasher (except the cover of the model with an electronic indicator). It’s good to know that used cartridges can be thrown into the trash can. The material from which they are made is completely recyclable, and the content of the filter cartridge does not harm the natural environment.

Dafi pitcher is a simple to use and cheap device that quickly cleans tap water. The wide palette of pitchers makes the choice easy and pleasant. The pitcher will stand in a prominent place in our kitchen, therefore, from many color suggestions, we can choose the pitcher that best suits this room.

Dafi filter cartridges, unlike foreign cartridges, are not expensive, especially if the store has a special for this product (I once bought a pack with three cartridges for only PLN 25 at Carrefour). The money saved in the home budget makes a big difference.

I have to admit that I cannot imagine functioning without using a filtering pitcher. I am no longer worried that the water has a completely different taste, and a scale will appear on the dishes and in the kettle. If you decide to use water filter pitchers, you must remember:

– continuous immersion of the filter in water,
– regular replacement of filter cartridges (it’s worth spending money on it),
– regular cleaning of the pitcher (before each filter change),
– consumption of filtered water within 12 hours.

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