What is tap water and what it contains

Water filtration - types of water filters
Water filtration – types of water filters
November 21, 2018
Why is it worth to have a Dafi filtering bottle
November 29, 2018
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We are often afraid of consuming tap water and for this reason we choose bottled water. Meanwhile, research has shown that tap water is much healthier than the spring Oligocene water, because it must meet stringent EU requirements.

Medium mineralized water flows from our taps. It contains about 500 mg of minerals per liter. Research shows that tap water is better than more than half of bottled water available on the market.

Why are we afraid of tap water?

The most common problem resulting from drinking water straight from the tap is its hardness, strange taste and smell of chlorine. Despite the fact that water undergoes rigorous testing, no one is able to guarantee us the cleanliness and good condition of the pipes in our building. Very often the installations are outdated and rusty. As a result, the water may have an unusual taste, smell or color. Chlorine content in tap water is supervised and harmless, but we can feel the characteristic smell and taste of this element.

How to improve the quality of tap water?

Dafi, a leading company on the Polish market, offers several types of filters. After their application, we get soft and tasty water that we can drink without boiling. Dafi filters eliminate heavy metals that are responsible for its hardness. Filters also prevent the formation of scale in the kettle and on the surface of beverages such as coffee or tea. What’s more, the technology used by Dafi ensures that water does not lose its mineral values.

If we use tap water filters in our home and drink filtered water, we gain its delicious taste and health, and also protect the environment. Dafi filters provide us with 200 liters of clean and tasty water per month, which means that we can save around 130 plastic bottles of water from the store. Remember a plastic bottle can take up to 1000 years to break down. With Dafi we live healthier, cheaper and more eco-friendly.

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