Why is it worth to have a Dafi filtering bottle

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November 29, 2018
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Do you care about the environment, live actively and are looking for a gadget that you can comfortably use? Check the Dafi filter bottle  – soon you will not be able to imagine life without it!

Proper hydration of the body is the key to health and well-being. When you are dehydrated, your body will quickly inform you about it – you will feel tired, upset, you will have headaches, and with time your facial appearance will deteriorate and your internal organs will get worse. The human body is more than 70% water. Water is essential for the work of your body, its proper capacity and the functioning of the brain. Unfortunately, even people who care for a healthy lifestyle often drink too little – they forget to buy water on the way to work or do not have the habit of frequent consumption of water. Unfortunately, in the case of drinking water, the habit is crucial – we only feel thirsty when we are dehydrated! How to get into the habit of drinking water, save money and take care of the environment? Try the filter bottles!

How to get into the habit of drinking water?

All you need is a bit of self-denial, an application on your phone and a bottle with a filter. Always carry with you a bottle of filtered water. At work, put it in a visible place on the desk. Due to this, there is a less chance that you will completely forget about it. There are many phone applications that are designed to remind you to drink water. Try this for a few months.

Why is it worth to choose a bottle with filter?

Although tap water is safe to drink, hardly anyone drinks it. Why? Because its taste and smell are not the best. What’s more, there are impurities in tap water that can be removed with special filters. Are you wondering if such water filtering is time-consuming? All you have to do is pour tap water into the Dafi filter bottle and you’re ready to go. The filtered water has a much better taste and smell, that’s why its regular drinking becomes easier. What’s more, the filter contained in the Dafi bottle eliminates chlorine and impurities precipitated from the water supply network. The carbon contained in the filter removes chlorine.

The advantages of a filtering bottle

Dafi filtering bottle is a handy, convenient, has a nice appearance, supports the care of the environment, and is so small that it can fit in most bags.


What should we choose? A bottle with a Dafi filter or a daily purchase of a plastic bottle of water? The decision should be obvious. One Dafi filter can replace three hundred of half-liter bottles from the store. Dafi bottle is made of the highest quality raw materials, due to which we care about the natural environment. Think about how much rubbish you produce every day and think about whether it is not a great way to reduce littering the planet? These are small changes that everyone can think of.

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